Hello, I’m Christian

Who are you?

The Swiss army knife of creativeness

Film, photo, creative ideas, presentations, communication, animation, webpages, cooking food. U name it. I can help you with all that. Trust me. Although I must admit that the “food cooking requests” has been far apart the last couple of years, but the other stuff… Wow! Those just keep on coming. 

My creative mind is at your disposal. Feel free to ask for testimonials.

Look at all the things we can do together

Video & Film

Corporate, commercial, products, talking heads, interviews, events, studio, drone shots or whatever you like. You tell me!


Corporate, commercial, products, staff, nature, people, macro, studio or anything in between. You tell me!


Powerpoint or just plain speech writing. The things I can’t do with Powerpoint isn’t worth knowing. I am the Gandalf of presenting… and so could you be.


Let me do your site. I promise you that it will look better than ever thought was possible. Just try me.

Creative thinking

Stuck in the process of making something that stands out? Well, no worries, buddy! Grab my hand and we’ll sort it out.

Anything else...

Well, I can even cook. But that isn’t really what I do, but if you really need it. I can make it happen. I cook a kick-ass Skånsk äggakaga.