Art of the Small


70 pages of stunning Star Wars pictures. See how they were made and go behind the scenes and learn how to create your own spectacular pictures. Read, learn and enjoy the tricks from the photographer himself. Or just sit back and enjoy the pictures, it’s all up to you.

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Is it possible to breathe life into old toys? The answer is yes!
See how the photographer Christian Nilsson took his old Star Wars toys and placed them in both possible and impossible environments to create stunning shots. 70 pages of toys in the most imaginative ways you can think of.
A stormtrooper in Forrest Gump! The not so Usual Suspects! A walk down the yellow brick road! And lots of other pictures in this Star Wars extravaganza. The book also include:

  • The secrets behind the shots.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to create your own stunning pictures.
  • Before-and-after shots of some of the most interesting pictures.
  • 70 pages filled with Star Wars goodies.
  • And a couple of cats…

Printed on 160 g Fineprint paper. The cover is 300 g Fineprint paper.
Do you have enough force to handle all this?

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